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♥ That Boy Is Called Me </3 ♥

//~Living with yourself can be hard >></3<< ♥

12 September
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  • Screaming Inside, My Heart Bleeds, Can This Be Love </3
He is Peter
He May Be Fucked Up But
Welcome To The Real World

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created by: crazy_clockwork

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If you could say one thing to Charlie, it would be
If you could say one thing to Wonka, it would be
You like Wonkcha?
Is going to take you to the factorykatwilliams88
Will greet you at the door Charlie's mother
You will seeAn Oompa loompa bitch fight
Your first stopThe Dolls that sing the theme song
Your second stopThe Great Glass Elevator
Your third stopThe Television room
How many Wonka bars it took to get in136
The chance of Wonka becoming inspired by you
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..::Willy Wonka Lookup Credit: _a320_::..