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Happy New Year.

Hey Losers And Loserettes x3

Happy New Year <<33

I got mashed New Years Eve :P It was awesome Lol, i went a party with some mates, and that other than that i've been sleeping most the time and its been cool <<3 Love yas! Bye
Willy Wonka, The Candy Man &lt;3 &lt;3

x x x

Omg...in skool got a supply for business studies <3

come on ere, i'm well brd <<<333

Save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! im bored </3 Ta-Ra
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Willy Wonka, The Candy Man &lt;3 &lt;3

x... Blah ...x

Blah, woke up, watched "Casper Meets Wendy" Hilary Duff is in it...she looks soooo young, well she is lol.

Nothing intresting buhbye <3
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Howdy, sorry i know, i ain't posted in awhile but i've been busy and doing stuff <3

well, nothing has happened today...i've woken up, eaten and watched T.V. xD

yesterday...was a whole different story, it was my m8s 15th birthday and we went down west end and ate and DELISH meal in T.G.I Fridays [gr8 restraunt] then went Trocadero [a cool arcade with bumper cars] and some boy called dainel, got chatted up by a gay boy, who wanted to have you-know-what HAAHAA!!! it was soooo funny, some girl, grace got chatted up by a whole load of people, we nearly got in a niteclub x3 but did'nt have enough money! *dayum, they actually belived we were 18 ha* and then we went home in a truck with had more then the limited people, and we nearly got caught by the police *phew! we did'nt!!! or the man driving us would've got fined* and it was just off the hook.... <3
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Todays been.... OKAY *ish proud* i babysitted my Sister and niece and guess what NO ARGUMENTS....im so proud <3 <3 lol, we watched Seeing Double [S-Clubs movie] then i think i went asleep <3 hehe yay! im hyperish...and blah!! lol

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Lol, Funny

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Hello, well, i've wasted most of my day O_O i got up at excatly 3:26pm >_< talk about OVER-SLEEP!! and i've quickly got ready and got straight on the internet... blaaah! thats all thats happened today, oh and the sun is shining <3 lol.

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wishing upon that untouchable star

howdy....update for today i've been
♥~browsing the internet
♥~fiddleing on my nokia 3220
♥~listioning to my cds
♥~watch television
♥~hope someone will invite me out
♥~talk on msn

WOW!!! hasn't it been a FUN FUN FUN FUN day so far for peter.

I'm going to go watch a movie, A Nightmare Before Christmas, most probs

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Hello, i'm so BORED, BORED, BORED!!! i'm going to die of boredom!!! i just got back from staying around my mates house, which was really great and funny. But today... is boring, i might even start doing coursework O_O thats how bored i am >_< Well.... ta-ra
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